Sunday, July 22, 2018

Matt Fisher, Age Group Triathlete

Welcome to my world!


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My name is Matt and I'm an amateur triathlete - possibly just like you! Since starting my triathlon journey in late 2009, I've become a complete convert (read: addict!) to the sport. I'm also a husband, father & full-time worker, so fitting it all in is by no means easy!

In recent years, I have represented Great Britain as part of the amateur Age Group teams at ITU & ETU championships in Ireland, China, New Zealand & the United Kingdom. This year I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 world championships & the ETU middle-distance champs, but I've since chosen not to take my place at either event.

Why? Because I've come to realise that triathlon has to be a personal journey and we each have our own goals. I've been lucky to have some time in the 'blue suit', but I've also been jaded by it & the ridicule it brings from certain corners of the triathlon community. So now my personal goals are twofold: 1) to put enjoyment above accolades, 2) to be the best triathlete I can given that it must fit around the rest of my life, not dictate it!

On this site, you'll see regular updates on my blog; gear reviews aimed at triathletes of all abilities as well as advice for newcomers to the sport.