Sunday, July 22, 2018



110% Play Harder

I've been lucky enough to be named by leading sports compression manufacturer, 110% Play Harder, as one of their 'Play Makers'.  Check out for more information on their unique approach to RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation).


Elivar develops the world's first range of sports nutrition designed specifically for athletes and active sports people over the age of 35. Find out more at



Not only delicious, but also full of oats and a healthy mix of fast and slow-burning carbs. No need to feel guilty fuelling with these bad boys! 

















Further sponsorship opportunities:

In addition to being a member of The Triathlon Shop Race Team, I'm also looking for other potential sponsors to help me on my journey to triathlon greatness!

Could your business benefit from being associated with a young and professional sport that is one of the fastest-growing in the UK?

Here are just a few good reasons for your business to get involved in, and exposed to, the word of triathlon:

  • Triathlon in the UK is especially popular among 'professionals' - doctors, lawyers, company directors, teachers etc - an influential and affluent target audience
  • Triathlon is viewed as a particularly 'adventurous' sport and is generally held in high regard by the public
  • Triathlon is growing as a spectator sport - attracting similar audience profiles to those competing
  • Triathlon is increasingly covered by the broadcast, print and online media


As for me, where here are a few reasons why your company could benefit from sponsoring me on my journey:

  • A seasoned public speaker and ambassador, I regularly work with the press and investor communities in my professional role (marketing director for a software company) See Recent Press Coverage
  • A strong race calendar planned for 2014 - your business will get exposure at many of the top UK (and foreign) races in 2014 (see my race calendar)
  • This website and blog! I get over 400 visits in a typical week - all potentially from people who are core targets for your business
  • An ambitious role model, proving that the 'average man' can still succeed with a lot of hard work and the right backing!
  • Speak to my 2012/13 sponsors! They will confirm all of the above and more...

Sound good so far?

If you're interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to contact me directly.