Thursday, April 09, 2020

Maru Swimwear Jammers - mini review

I’m not sure if it’s the need to go to the pool, to get changed or that initial shock as you submerge into the cold water, but it seems that swimming is always my least favourite of the triathlon disciplines. 

So what better way to motivate yourself than to treat yourself to some new kit?!

The problem is that swimming trunks can be hugely expensive for what you get. My last pair of Speedo Jammers cost over £60. Can you get a good pair of Jammers for less? Maru thinks so. And they might be right.

Maru SwimwearRetailing at around £30 (or less if you check out their sale and clearance sections) Maru has a range of Jammers that claim to be chlorine resistant and hydrodynamic.

I’ve been testing two pairs for the last month and have to say I’m pretty impressed.  They fit well, retain their shape and look pretty 'fly' (as the kids are now saying). 

I have to admit I’m often guilty of not taking good care of my swim kit, leaving it wet in the swim bag for days on end and not washing out the chlorine as often as I should. I’m a swimwear brand’s best tester or worst nightmare, depending on how you view it!

The good news is that, so far, the Maru Jammers have stood up to my misuse without getting baggy or having the chlorine fade or eat away at the fabric.  They've also stood up well to being worn under buoyancy shorts, with no obvious signs of wear and tear. 

Maru position these Jammers as training trunks and it’s fair to say they’re not quite as fast in the water as the £60 Speedos I referred to earlier (which claim all sorts of compression and ‘fast fabric’ features - worth a second or two over 100 meters). But then, how often in your swim training are you really trying to set a PB versus just getting through the session?!

With some bold designs, they’ll certainly brighten up your swim sessions, though you might want to save some designs (such as the superb ‘Galaxy Swirl’) for your ‘fast days’!

Check out the full range of Maru swimwear here.