Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Damart Thermolactyl Crew Neck top

For those of us that insist on training outside even in the depths of a UK winter, thermal kit becomes something of an essential part of the kitbag.

The ‘Thermolactyl’ top from Damart is designed for sports and outdoors activities. At £29 it’s good value for money and delivery from the website was prompt.

Fit & Quality
The top has a very nice soft touch with a flock-type inner. Although it is not seamless in construction, you never feel the presence of seems and the top is as comfortable as you could hope for. The flock lining feels great against the skin. The ‘small’ size was just about right me, not quite fully figure-hugging on the torso, but a good fit on the shoulders and arms.

Unfortunately, there are no ‘added value’ touches like thumb loops (to stop sleeves riding up) or a high neck, but at this price it’s hard to complain (my favourite thermal top from Castelli cost more than twice as much).

Damart rate this top as a 4 out of 5 for warmth, and it’s hard to disagree. The top is warm in even the coldest conditions, without feeling like you’re over-heating. Where the top falls down, however, is effectively wicking up the sweat that is inevitably generated on a hard run or cycle. The flock lining that makes the top so comfortable seems to hold the moisture and a few times I ended up with a really wet back – not the nicest feeling in the middle of hard running reps.

As such, it’s difficult to recommend this top for running. I think it’s much better suited to slightly less energy-intensive activities such as walking/hiking, skiing and more steady cycle rides. It has to be said the top has done a good job of remaining odour-free and survives repeated washes well.

Despite the criticisms above about moisture wicking, there is no doubt that this is a quality product and perfectly-suited to a wide range of cold-weather activities. I have to confess mine has become something of a go-to garment for warming back up after runs, long dog walks in the countryside and social cycle rides.

You can find the top online here: http://www.damart.co.uk/F-10067-thermal-tops/P-92410-thermolactyl-mens-crew-neck-long-sleeve-thermal-top

And read more about Damart’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations here: http://www.damart.co.uk/icelandic-adventure