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Runderwear takes advantage of new seamless knit technologies (you might have already seen this on some trainers and other sports apparel) to create sports underwear that claims to offer a chafe-free, fast-wicking alternative to wearing normal undies when training.

Skechers GORun Ultra – first impressions

As someone who doesn’t tend to run more than a half marathon, I feel a little bit fraudulent reviewing a training shoe with the word ‘Ultra’ in its name! But with 150km under the soles, I can at least give a perspective of how the GORun Ultra from Skechers compares both to the other shoes in the Skechers range as well as other high mileage shoes.

Jabra SPORT headsets

If you’re the type that can’t run without having some music to motivate you (I’ll be honest, that’s not me, unless it’s a long slow run I prefer to be able to hear my breathing and footfall) then a good pair of headphones are essential.

Jabra offers two versions of its SPORT headphones – corded or “Wireless+” Bluetooth-enabled cordless. Both are ‘over the ear’ design which provides a secure fit and both come with a variety of ear pieces/cups to make them both comfortable and provide the desired amount of isolation from outside noise (interestingly, the ear pieces are of a different design for the two versions, despite the main units having very similar dimensions). Finding the right ear piece was easy with a little playing around (the units on the corded version can be molded around the ear, further aiding both comfort and a secure fit).

Skechers GORun Ride3

Since reviewing the original Skechers GORun Ride shoe about six months ago, the fast-moving American shoe company has released not one but two new versions and we’re now on the Skechers GORun Ride3. As such, I thought it was worth a quick little updated review.

While the changes between the GORun Ride and Ride2 weren’t much to write home about (from what I could see, the changes were very subtle and mostly to the uppers), the changes with the new GORun Ride3 are more dramatic.

Damart Thermolactyl Crew Neck top

For those of us that insist on training outside even in the depths of a UK winter, thermal kit becomes something of an essential part of the kitbag.

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