Mini-Review: Activeman Oatein


Activeman is a new range of fitness foods and supplements and they describe Oatein as a "delicious and satisfying high protein, low fat Oatein. Ideal with semi- skimmed milk or soya milk, or as part of a smoothie."

Opening the attractive battery-styled container (representing energy, geddit?) the product looks distinctly like rolled oats, which is hardly surprising as that's essentially what it is! But with a trick; there's also whey protein and whey protein concentrate in there.

oateinThat means each 40g serving (10 servings per container) offers up 36g of carbs (which one assumes to have a reasonably low GI as they are from oats) plus a reasonable 20g of protein. It's certainly a way of adding protein to an otherwise carb-rich breakfast.

Activeman says that the oats can be mixed with milk or added to a smoothie. To be brutally honest, simply adding the Oatein to milk didn't work for me. It either ended up as a very weak porridge or a gritty protein shake (I was just using a regular protein shaker rather than a blender, which might have produced better results).

As such, at first I struggled to like this product. There isn't much taste and I didn't much like the consistency!

But then a few weeks into the test I tried adding it to a smoothie I was concocting in the new Nutribullet blender. And hey presto it suddenly made sense! Given my smoothie was a mix of spinach, broccoli, banana, frozen blueberries and chia seeds, it wasn't exactly rich in protein. Adding a scoop of Oatein to the mixer hardly affected the taste or consistency of the smoothie at all, but suddenly I was getting 20g of protein with my breakfast shake. Ok, now I get it!

I think it's fair to say that I did notice I stayed fuller longer and also had a little more energy for my lunchtime workouts after using Oatein in the morning.

So... It took a little while, but eventually I came to appreciate the benefits and uses of the Oatein. I can definitely see it being a part of my ongoing morning smoothie routine.

At effectively £1.70 per serving, it won't break the bank and you would probably wouldn't use it every single day, so a 400g container should last a little while. More information here