Monday, January 20, 2020

Nuun electrolyte tablets

I don’t really like water. Okay, that’s a somewhat bizarre-sounding statement. After all, water is the source of life and all that. But what I mean really is that I don’t like the taste of water. I know as an amateur athlete I should, but I don’t and as a result I probably don’t drink enough of it.

nuunThat’s a long-winded introduction into what is effectively a very simple review of the Nuun ‘active hydration’ tablets, which add flavor and electrolytes to water via a soluble tablet, without adding any significant calorie count.

And there’s no shortage of choice in terms of flavours, from ‘fruit punch’ to ‘cherry limeade’ (haven’t actually tried that one, though I’d like to!).

I’m sure we all know about the benefits of electrolytes to replace the minerals we lose through sweat when exercising. It’s worth separating the replacement of electrolytes from the replacement of calories. While there are sessions when the aim is to burn calories without replacing them (and thus you would be reluctant to consume an ‘energy drink’ during it), I’m struggling to think of any training where the loss of electrolytes is a good thing. So products like Nuun have a threefold benefit: 1) no calories, 2) electrolyte replacement and 3) more appealing taste than plain water.

The electrolytes in question in Nuun tablets come in the shape of Sodium (360mg per tab), Potassium (100mg), Calcium (12.5mg), Magnesium (25mg), Vitamin C (37.5mg) and Vitamin B2 (500mcg).

Unlike something like the MyH2Pro, which features a range of tablets with different sodium levels (we all sweat different amounts of sodium), the electrolyte levels in the Nuun tablets are fixed across the range.

For the purposes of the test, I tried the ‘Tropical’, ‘Lemon+Lime’ and ‘Tri-berry’ flavours, which all tasted pretty good. My favourites in the range, however are the ‘Grape’ and ‘Kona Cola’ varieties (the latter tasting a little like a certain bovine energy drink!).

For sessions where you don’t want to consume calories, but also want to avoid the negative effects of dehydration, Nuun tablets are a tasty and effective way to keep your electrolyte levels up. And, to my mind at least, they taste a lot better than plain water, which means I drink more!  I've also taken to just popping a tablet in a full water bottle and trying to drink it at my desk during the day - it's got to be better than my usual diet coke! 

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