Revant replacement lenses


When it comes to Oakley sunglasses I'm a sucker. I admit it, I'm addicted. I think at the last count I have about ten pairs, including two pairs of Flak Jackets (both custom, naturally!) and Fives. Add some Racing Jackets, Split Jackets and, well you get the idea...

One of the main attractions of the Oakleys for me is the ability to build them exactly the way you want to, choosing the frame colour, contrasting "socks", lens tints etc. And so like I lot of Oakley owners, I like to have a number of lens options for each set of frames. Hey, everybody knows that the route to being a faster cyclist or runner is to get your colour coordination just right! ;)

The problem is that Oakley lenses aren't exactly cheap. A non-polarised set will easily set you back £30-40 in the UK, with a top-end polarised pair of lenses often coming in around £70.

Revant OakleyPretty expensive for what are essentially consumable items (let's face it, if you train and race a lot, you WILL scratch them at some point!). In my case, I actually had a pair of flak jacket lenses snap on me (while putting them into the frame) and, despite their promises, Oakley refused to replace them under their breakage warranty.

And so firms like Revant are something of a God-send to sunglass junkies like me. Revant specialises in aftermarket lenses for a wide variety of frames from Oakley and other sunglasses manufacturers.

These lenses are shaped to exactly fit their intended frames and are generally available in very similar shades and colours to those you can buy from Oakley (sometimes in even more extreme colours!). But at a much reduced price. Non-polarised lenses are typically less than £20 and polarised around £25-35.

Replacing the broken Flak Jacket XLJs with similar emerald green lenses from Revant, they fitted into the frame perfectly and looked great. The lenses feel very similar to the OEM Oakley pieces and the clarity is excellent. Every bit as good as the originals.

Elite HC3

For true perfectionists, Revant Optics offers a new top-of-the-range lens called the Elite HC3. Right now it isn't available in any fancy mirror finishes (it's a dark smoke colour) but it offers the best Revant has to offer in terms of polarisation, impact resistance and UV protection. But more than that, Revant claims the lens has been specifically shaped not only to fit the intended frame, but to provide the ultimate in clarity and focus by accounting for the position of your eyes in relation to the lens.

Revant claims this eliminates the distortion caused by all other types of lenses.

Revant HC3 Elite

I have to admit that I didn't notice what I would consider to be any distortion when wearing the 'normal' lenses in either my Flak Jackets or Racing Jackets, they're just great stylish lenses that function exactly as you would hope them to.

But switching to the Elite HC3s you do notice a small difference. The tint is just perfect for brighter days and everything through the lenses is pin-sharp (as I said, it's not like the other lenses feel blurry!). Right down to the little "Elite" logo stencilled onto the left lens, the HC3 feel like they exude quality.

If you're looking for a particular colour or shade of lens, you won't be disappointed with the 'normal' Revant lenses (I can personally vouch for the emerald green Flak Jacket XLJs and Ice Blue Racing Jackets). Suddenly having a number of lens options to suit the weather conditions (or your new favourite cycle jersey!) just became a LOT cheaper!

But if your number one priority is to buy the best lens you can at the best price, take a serious look at the Elite HC3.

Shipping to the UK costs an additional $8.99 over the lens price, still bringing in them in well under the cost of Oakley original lenses. 

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