Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Swim Seal - mini review

If, like me, you suffer from irritation in the ears after a week of swimming (often referred to as ‘swimmers ear’), then Swim Seal may well be worth a look. Essentially, it is a liquid that you drop into the ear canal much the same as you would do for those drops designed to clear wax blockages.

The idea is that the liquid forms a protective layer inside the ear, stopping water from becoming stuck in the ear canal and causing irritation or infection. A few drops inserted into each ear before a swim set (yes, admittedly you do look a bit of a wally doing this on the edge of the pool… so maybe do it in the changing room!) and you should be good for the session. Just make sure you give the liquid a good 5-10 seconds to settle into the ear canal. 

Apart from the icky feeling you always get as the liquid finds its way into the ear, there’s no lasting feeling of it being there. The tell-tale as to how it has worked is evident after the swim, with less water-logged ears and subsequently less jumping up and down on one foot trying to clear it!

Prior to trying these Swim Seal drops, I was getting quite bad discomfort the evening after a morning or lunchtime swim. The drops are not a 100% cure (which perhaps suggest I still have a mild infection), but the discomfort is noticeably less.

For only £7.99 for a bottle (reportedly 100 applications, although I haven't reached that number yet myself!), if you’re suffering discomfort or repeated infections after swimming (either in the pool or open water), I think Swim Seal is well worth a try. Having also tried ear plugs, I can vouch that the drops are a lot easier, more comfortable and you can still hear your mate next to you in the lane!

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