Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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The ‘trickle down’ effect applies to all areas of life these days, whether it’s technology developed for Formula One finding its way onto road cars or Virtual Reality games designed for soldiers hitting your new Playstation console. And sport is no different.

One area that’s seen a massive explosion in the sports scene recently is (legal!) supplementation for recovery and performance. A number of products have hit the market in recent years claiming to prolong performance, delay fatigue or overcome lactic build-up.

Mini-Review: Activeman Oatein

Activeman is a new range of fitness foods and supplements and they describe Oatein as a "delicious and satisfying high protein, low fat Oatein. Ideal with semi- skimmed milk or soya milk, or as part of a smoothie."

Opening the attractive battery-styled container (representing energy, geddit?) the product looks distinctly like rolled oats, which is hardly surprising as that's essentially what it is! But with a trick; there's also whey protein and whey protein concentrate in there.

Bodyglide Chamois Glide

Bodyglide is best known to us triathletes as an essential for guarding against painful chafing from wetsuits. I’d wager the majority of triathletes have a stick (or two) in their kitbag somewhere!

This new Bodyglide Chamois Glide is an extension of their range and is, you guessed it, designed for keeping your sensitive areas pain and chafe free on the bike. Unlike most chamois creams, the Bodyglide product comes in a stick form (like the Bodyglide lube you know and love), rather than a liquid or cream. Bodyglide calls it a ‘balm’.

See.Sense motion-sensing bike light

The See.Sense is a genuine British innovation, designed in Northern Ireland and marketed as an ‘intelligent’ cycle light. What makes the See.Sense light stands out is its ability to change the frequency and intensity of the light pulses depending on what’s happening to the bike.

The idea is simple, lights that pulse at a regular frequency (and don’t deviate from that frequency) are easier to ignore (whether intentionally or not). See.Sense units flash rapidly when the unit detects that the bike is on the move, slowing down to a more leisurely pulse when the bike comes to a halt – for example when stopped at traffic lights.

Audioflood Waterproofed iPod Shuffle

I’m the first to admit, sometimes I find swim training tedious and well, a bit boring. But it’s a necessary evil if you want to be a triathlete; otherwise we’d just be one of those ‘lesser’ athletes that only run and cycle ;-)

So when the opportunity came up to test Audioflood’s waterproofed iPod Shuffle, I was more than happy to give it go. Perhaps it could bring a little more entertainment to those long-rep solo swim sets in the pool.

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