Friday, January 24, 2020

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Skechers GORun Ride 4

In a little less than two years, Skechers has introduced no less than three versions of its GORun Ride shoe, moving from the original to the latest mk4 model. While the move from the mk1 to mk2 was largely cosmetic, the changes from mk2 to mk3 were pretty significant (see my earlier review for more information).


Runderwear takes advantage of new seamless knit technologies (you might have already seen this on some trainers and other sports apparel) to create sports underwear that claims to offer a chafe-free, fast-wicking alternative to wearing normal undies when training.

Revant replacement lenses

When it comes to Oakley sunglasses I'm a sucker. I admit it, I'm addicted. I think at the last count I have about ten pairs, including two pairs of Flak Jackets (both custom, naturally!) and Fives. Add some Racing Jackets, Split Jackets and, well you get the idea...

One of the main attractions of the Oakleys for me is the ability to build them exactly the way you want to, choosing the frame colour, contrasting "socks", lens tints etc. And so like I lot of Oakley owners, I like to have a number of lens options for each set of frames. Hey, everybody knows that the route to being a faster cyclist or runner is to get your colour coordination just right! ;)


The ‘trickle down’ effect applies to all areas of life these days, whether it’s technology developed for Formula One finding its way onto road cars or Virtual Reality games designed for soldiers hitting your new Playstation console. And sport is no different.

One area that’s seen a massive explosion in the sports scene recently is (legal!) supplementation for recovery and performance. A number of products have hit the market in recent years claiming to prolong performance, delay fatigue or overcome lactic build-up.

Mini-Review: Activeman Oatein

Activeman is a new range of fitness foods and supplements and they describe Oatein as a "delicious and satisfying high protein, low fat Oatein. Ideal with semi- skimmed milk or soya milk, or as part of a smoothie."

Opening the attractive battery-styled container (representing energy, geddit?) the product looks distinctly like rolled oats, which is hardly surprising as that's essentially what it is! But with a trick; there's also whey protein and whey protein concentrate in there.

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