Friday, January 24, 2020

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SiS REGO+Fruitflow gels – mini review

According to Tim Lawson, founder of Science in Sport (SiS), when we undertake an intense (either hard or long) training session, we not only cause trauma to the muscles used during the exercise (a necessary part of building strength and adapting to heavy workloads) but we also cause other types of inflammation in the body caused by the ‘activation’ of blood platelets.  This secondary form of inflammation is undesirable as it can slow down the recovery and adaption processes.

Specialized S-Works Trivent bike shoe

Earlier this year, I reviewed the ground-breaking Lake TX312 triathlon bike shoes, with their revolutionary drawbridge heel designed to facilitate a faster and easier exit from the bike (you can read the full review here).

On Cloudracer

IN DEPTH: On Cloudracer

On is a relatively new name in running shoes. However, a single glance shows that they are not just another trainer-clone, but are based on a different approach to how the foot strikes and then pushes off from the ground.

Put simply, the trainers have lugs on the bottom of the sole that are designed to deform on impact with the ground. Sounds similar to systems like those of K-Swiss and their blades? Well, yes and no.

The lugs – or as On calls them, CloudTec Elements, are designed to first deform (thus cushioning the vertical impact and also providing a more gentle horizontal deceleration) but then ‘teeth’ on the insides of the lugs lock, giving a more powerful push off forwards (think about it, without the teeth, you would lose energy as the lugs deformed in both directions from the strike to the push).

110% Play Harder compression & ice

Compression gear for post-race or training recovery is nothing new. The likes of 2XU, Skins, Compressport and others have been adorning the legs of triathletes for a number of years now.  I admit I’m a bit of a walking contradiction – I’m open about not being totally convinced by the claimed benefits of compression, yet I own several types of compression wear, from calf guards to full tights.

Zone3 Vanquish

The Zone3 brand was started at Loughborough University by elite triathlete, James Locke. Since 2008, it has developed a growing range of tri-related apparel including wetsuits and tri suits.

I was keen to try a Zone3 wetsuit as I had heard good things about them and I was looking for a new suit that would suit my particular style of swimming (good powerful upper body, but heavy and largely ineffective legs).  On paper, the Zone3 Vanquish seems to fit the bill – a super-flexible shoulder area, thicker ‘aerodrome’ impregnated neoprene on the legs, 3D forearm catch panels to help with pull etc.

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