Monday, January 20, 2020

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Swim Seal - mini review

If, like me, you suffer from irritation in the ears after a week of swimming (often referred to as ‘swimmers ear’), then Swim Seal may well be worth a look. Essentially, it is a liquid that you drop into the ear canal much the same as you would do for those drops designed to clear wax blockages.

Endurance Junkie Sportwool jersey & Sportive shorts

Having already sung the praises of the Endurance Junkie trisuits – both in ITU-legal ‘Olympic’ form and also the Sportwool long-distance suit (which makes use of a merino wool blend in the upper body to help with comfort and heat regulation), the guys at Endurance Junkie kindly sent me a Sportwool cycle jersey and Sportive shorts to test.

Elivar Hydrate Plus - Mini-Review

Elivar Hydrate Plus is the fourth product from the company that focuses on sports nutrition for the over-35s (one of Elivar’s key beliefs is that athletes over 35 have different nutritional needs to their younger counterparts, such as different carb-to-protein ratios).

Kali Phenom

While I think it’s safe to say that the Kali Protectives brand is currently relatively unknown in British road cycling / triathlon circles, they actually already have a strong pedigree and following in the BMX and Downhill MTB markets, with world-class riders trusting their ‘lids’.

The Kali Phenom spearheads the company’s drive into the road cycling market for 2014, with a lower-priced Loka model also available.

Huub Archimedes

In the triathlon world, Huub seems to be the equivalent of an overnight sensation. In the space of just a couple of years they’ve gone from obscurity to one of the recognized leaders in triathlon wetsuits (they have a growing range of other kit too, but I think even they’d agree they are best known for their wetties). Their sponsorship strategy of working with the fastest swimmers in triathlon (at all distances), certainly hasn’t hurt, but then neither has their unique design.  

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