Thursday, April 09, 2020

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Mini Review: Point Blank cold brew coffee

If, like me, you can’t function let alone face the idea of training in the morning without a hit of caffeine, Point Blank thinks it has the answer.  It is marketing its single-serving cold brew coffee as “a natural alternative to energy drinks”.

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc (2018)

In cycling terms, the Giant TCR is something of an icon, designed by the same man behind the Lotus 108 Time Trial bike, Mike Burrows. Twenty-odd years ago it was the first mainstream road bike to introduce ‘compact geometry’ (characterized by the sloping – as opposed to horizontal – top tube). It was such a successful formula that pretty much all other bike manufacturers copied Giant’s approach and hence we barely notice compact geometry bikes anymore.

Maru Swimwear Jammers - mini review

I’m not sure if it’s the need to go to the pool, to get changed or that initial shock as you submerge into the cold water, but it seems that swimming is always my least favourite of the triathlon disciplines. 

So what better way to motivate yourself than to treat yourself to some new kit?!

Giant Contend SL1 Disc

The Giant Contend is a new entry to the manufacturer’s road bike range for 2016/7 and is aimed at first-time riders or more experienced cyclists looking for a reliable winter hack.  I had the opportunity to ride the Contend SL1 Disc version for a month or so recently.

Amphibia X2 Bag

At first sight, the Amphibia X2 Bag is a large courier-style over-the-shoulder bag. But it has some hidden talents. Amphibia markets the X2 as a ‘transition’ bag, with a detachable internal section (waterproofed) which can be used to transport soggy kit and has a fold out ‘changing mat’ for those that don’t like getting their feet dirty in transition.

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