Monday, February 17, 2020
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Reading some triathlon magazines, a sprint or standard distance triathlete might be forgiven for thinking they are part of some sort of triathlon 'under-class'.  Every month, I seem to find some article which suggests that "anyone can do a triathlon" and that the only real test of physical and mental strength is to go the full hog and finish an Ironman.

Now, I am full of respect of for anyone who completes an Ironman race, whether they do it in nine hours or 16:59.  But I have to admit I take issue with the viewpoint that triathletes that concentrate on shorter distances are somehow 'inferior' to Ironman finishers in the grand pecking order of life.  Although completing an Ironman (and being as competitive as I can be) is definitely on my to-do list before I reach the end of my triathlon journey, right now I see a far greater challenge in becoming a true 'competor' at shorter distance triathlons than becoming an Ironman 'completor'.

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