Monday, January 27, 2020

Work interrupts play

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So as I write, I'm sat in the Sofitel hotel at Heathrow Terminal 5, just having finished a pre-flight business meeting and waiting to go upstairs to check-in for my journey to San Francisco.  But rather than being excited about the trip ahead, I find myself more frustrated that the last two weeks have seen a serious drop-off in training volume.

It amuses me that the general reaction I get from friends and family when i announce a pending business trip is along the lines of 'ooh, I'm really jealous!'.   Jealous of what exactly?

Jealous of flying a combined 22 hours over the next five days at the back end of a tin can flying at 38,000 feet surrounded by seeminlgy terminally-ill people all to happy to share their germs with me?  Jealous of the soulless and bland hotels and offices that I will call home for the next few days? Jealous of the jetlag that will mean I wake up at 3am and then feel like death warmed-up come 4pm local time?!  It's sometimes difficult to rid friends of the delusion that business travel is glamourous!

What's more, business travel usually means a wrecked training schedule.  Since the New Year, I've been pretty regular at clocking up 12-16 training hours each week.  However, the last two weeks have seen this drop dramatically, down to under 10 hours and I'll be surprised if this week is much better.  Now I get the theory that you need 'easy weeks' occassionally, but I can't escape the nagging feeling that I should really be banking the training hours now, ahead of the season's start next month.

There is one saving grace of this particular business trip.  The hotel we stay at is next to what is possibly the best gym I have ever used ('Club Sport' in Pleasanton, CA).  With spin classes at 6am, a fantastic free weights area and (I am told, though have yet to find it!) an outdoor 25 metre pool, I am hopeful that I will manage to get a few good training hours under my belt this week - in between the work and rich restaurant food!

Hopefully things will return to 'normality' in the next two weeks as I put my final training hours in ahead of the Dambuster Duathlon - a race that is, frankly, scaring me to death right now.  I guess at least I can use the flying time to work on my mental training and start overcoming my fears with positive thinking!

More to follow from California!

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