Thursday, April 18, 2019

An update on the CurraNZ super-berries

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When I reviewed CurraNZ back in February, one of my parting comments was that I’d like to undertake a longer test to see if the initial results held true over a number of months.  Well, the nice people at CurraNZ agreed and kindly supplied an additional test batch.

With just two capsules left(!), it seems now is a good time to report back on my findings.


Let’s first put recent months into context.  On average, I’ve managed about 11 hours training per week (roughly 50% bike, 30% run, 20% swim by duration), with the exception of our Mallorca training camp at the end of April, which ran to just under 30 hours total.  Those aren’t huge figures but they’re about all I can manage in-between work and family commitments at the moment (not spending an average of six hours per week on a plane would help!).

My regime has been to take one CurraNZ capsule per day, usually with breakfast.  As you’ll know from my previous review, the CurraNZ capsules are crammed full of New Zealand blackcurrant extract, supposedly one of the most anti-oxidant rich foods on the planet.  And all those anti-oxidants are supposed to help the body recover from hard training sessions, avoiding DOMS so that you can train consistently.

I think it’s worth pointing out that CurraNZ is not trying to achieve the same effect as something like Beet-It (full of nitrates, supposed to increase oxygen levels in the blood) or Xendurance (essentially a lactate-buffer).  CurraNZ isn’t ‘performance enhancing’ in that way – its main aim is to allow you to train harder more often.

As such, it’s certainly not a magic pill that makes you faster overnight!  But as I outlined before, I definitely feel the benefits from taking CurraNZ, as DOMS (and again, in my review I outlined what I consider to be different kinds of DOMS) is reduced.

Nowhere was this more noticeable than on our Mallorca training camp, where day after day we put the hours in and (if I’m honest), no day could be described as ‘easy’.  With climbing PBs on almost every climb we did that week, there’s no doubt I was working hard.  That I was able to do that for eight days back-to-back is, I think, testament to CurraNZ living up its claims.

Since the camp, I’ve managed to also set a new 25-mile TT personal best on H25/1 and smashed my previous best on the H10/3 10-mile TT course.  I also had the small matter of a half-ironman race at Swashbuckler where I got a top ten finish overall.

Now; I’d like to think that most of the credit for these performances goes to me and my training! But I also think it’s fair to say that I wouldn’t have been able to put in the quality of training without the benefits of CurraNZ.  For someone who’s constantly on the go (and therefore has very little ‘recovery’ time), I think it makes a big difference to getting the best out of what training time I can squeeze in.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to do the FTP test I wanted to do before writing this blog – which would have perhaps shown in black and white what power gains I have achieved since starting using the capsules, but with racing and travelling, there hasn’t been an opportunity to fit it in.  I think the two TT PBs (plus 3rd overall fastest bike at Swashbuckler) will have to suffice!

So, thanks to CurraNZ for the test batch.  I’m sad they’re all gone.  Guess I’d better become a paying customer!

New Zealand blackcurrant supplement CurraNZ, from Health Currancy Ltd:

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