Monday, January 27, 2020

Wearing blue in the emerald isle

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One of the reasons I set up this website was to make public my goal of becoming a Great Britain Age Group triathlete. One the principles set out by Jason Selk in his book 10-Minute Toughness (thanks to Kim Ingleby for the recommendation) is that you are far more likely to continue striving towards your goals if you make them public.

So, it’s with no small amount of pride that I’ve confirmed my place on the Great Britain age group team for the upcoming European Duathlon championships in Limerick, Ireland on 17th April.  As someone who’d never raced a multisport event before November 2009, I hope my achievement also inspires others and shows what can be done with some hard work (I describe myself as having zero raw talent but 100% ambition). 

As a self-proclaimed ‘poor runner’ the irony of having qualified for the national age group team at a sport that requires me to run not once, but twice, each race isn’t lost on me!  However, I’m hopeful that it’s a good omen for the triathlon season ahead – GB Age Group Triathlon is still my main goal for 2011/2012. Nonetheless I am thrilled to have ‘earned’ my GB trisuit (or should that be dusuit?!) a little earlier than expected.

A quick thank you to three people who have played (and will continue to play) an important role in getting me this far:

Mark Shepherd – my run and cycle coach since September 2010.  What Mark has helped me achieve in such a short space of time is pretty amazing – down from a 1:58 half marathon to 1:31, 51 minute 10km to under 39 minutes, 21 minute 5km to 19:21. I’ve got a long way to go, but thanks to Mark I’ve also come a long way already.

Kim Ingleby – my NLP coach and general all-round positivity supplement. I use the visualising and mind-mapping techniques taught to me by Kim before each race. I probably frustrate the hell out of Kim, but she’s unfailingly firm but positive.

Rachael Elliott – she convinced me to put my name down for the GB Duathlon team when I thought it was too early.  I was wrong, she was right.  Without her, I wouldn’t be going to Limerick next month.

So now I’ve got three weeks to get myself ready for my biggest ever race to date.  No pressure! 

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Matt Fisher runs - so it's all his fault! He pretends to be a triathlete, but really he is a husband, father and company VP. But he has raced for the GB Age Group squad a few times and is a two-times qualifier for the IM70.3 world champs


  • smcgui Thursday, 24 March 2011

    Congratulations! Those are some quick run times, I'd love to run that fast, you are too hard on yourself but great to see how much you are improving all the time! Hard work pays off :) I'll be in Limerick supporting so I'll be sure to cheer you on. They have a little "Open race" that weekend so I'm going to try that out as my first duathlon.

  • Matt Fisher Thursday, 24 March 2011

    Excellent, Rachael Elliott will also be competing in the open race on Sunday. Make sure you come say hello - you can help us identify the best watering holes too! :)

  • smcgui Thursday, 24 March 2011

    There's me thinking it would be all beginners in that race...eeek!:o Yep, lotsa nice places in Limerick to go to!

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