After putting in a solid (for me!) 14-hour training week, I wasn’t all that amused to wake up on Monday morning with what felt like the onset of heavy man-flu (which as we all know, is a far more serious kind of cold than any woman could ever comprehend!). I was further irritated as my plan for the week ahead from Mark Shepherd showed distinct signs of a continued ramp-up ahead of my first ‘test’ of the triathlon pre-season.

Still, the cold felt pretty much confined to my head (constant sniffles and slight sinus blockage) so I gambled that a little light training probably wouldn’t make things worse. Four days later and I’m pleased to confirm that it seems to have been the right thing to do.  I’ve managed to get some good training sessions in so far this week, focusing early on low-intensity steady efforts, but working up to a progressive 12km run yesterday (starting at 5:00 pace, working up to 3:50).

I’ve also been trying to re-find my swim mojo by tagging on short 20-30 minutes swims after my run sessions.  This seems to have done the trick and I feel like I’ve managed to ‘un-stall’ my swim progress and get back to a point where I can start getting faster again. Glad to say that the man flu seems to have pretty much cleared; good news ahead of what I’m sure will be another lung-busting Parkrun effort tomorrow!

So all in all, it looks like disaster has been averted, I’ve managed to successfully train through the short-lived cold and hopefully everything is still on track for putting in a good performance at the upcoming Wokingham Half Marathon.  Right now, I’m hoping the sun continues to shine a little longer so I can enjoy an outside lunchtime run for a change this week!