Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The road to recovery… [is a long and winding one!]

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It feels like ages since my last blog update.  In fact it’s only nine days or so, but I guess that just illustrates the immediacy of social media and the web!

I toyed with the idea in the days after my last race (Marlborough, my first AG win) with a follow-up post entitled ‘Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea!’.  The truth is that I spent the next three days after the race in a lot of pain and could hardly walk.

Ignoring the pain in my knee may have brought a minute amount of glory, but it also set back my road to recovery by a week or more. Probably not my cleverest move, in hindsight.  A week of no running whatsoever followed the race and I finally took my first tentative strides again on Sunday just gone.

I’d be lying if I said I was running entirely pain free; I get a tightness behind and below the knee which is pretty uncomfortable.  The tightness in the knee does seem to ease up after a couple of kilometres, but never completely goes.   The good news, however, is that the discomfort stops shortly after I’ve finished running (this is progress!).

I’ve been working with Danny Clayton (@DC_InjuryClinic) for a couple of months now and he has been invaluable in the rehab of my knee, concentrating on the muscles and tendons that are causing my knee to be pulled out of shape when running.  I have a set number of exercises, designed to strengthen my VMO (the small diamond-shaped muscle above the knee on the inside) and to get my glutes firing more effectively (I always knew it, but my glutes basically don’t fire at all, meaning I’m only using half my legs to cycle and run…!).

While this is all positive, there have been some low points over the last month or so as well.  With my run volume and intensity both taking a nosedive, it has been quite difficult to retain a positive frame of mind at times – I hadn’t realised how important running had become, and having it taken away was quite a wrench.  Of course, the timing didn’t help, with only six weeks or so to go until the World Champs in Beijing.

And then there’s Beijing itself.  I really hadn’t quite realised how bloody expensive it was going to be! But thankfully (or not!) I have been convinced by friends and family that I can’t miss this potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience.  True.  But then I still need to afford it! Fortunately, my new employers have been very generous but I am definitely still on the look out for further sponsorship.  Thankfully the ITU lets us have several logos on our Great Britain race suits and I certainly have no qualms about being a walking sandwich board for any companies that would value the exposure!

Anyone interested, please get in touch via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Anyway, enough self-promotion. I’m pleased that the knee is finally on the mend and that with some careful training I should be able to toe the line in Beijing in reasonably good shape.  The next five weeks or so are all about sharpening up for the big day!

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Matt Fisher runs - so it's all his fault! He pretends to be a triathlete, but really he is a husband, father and company VP. But he has raced for the GB Age Group squad a few times and is a two-times qualifier for the IM70.3 world champs