Monday, January 27, 2020

SiS Winter Academy update

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When not pretending to be a triathlete, one of my ‘real world’ responsibilities is running marketing for a software company. In that role, I’m familiar with the economics of sponsorship: put simply, an organization speculates to accumulate. It spends money, gives away product (or whatever) in the hope that the ultimate result will be that people view the brand and its products more favorably and thus ultimately buy said products.

And that’s why I feel really guilty about the SiS Winter Academy.  At the time of applying to become part of the scheme, I was gearing up for a solid winter’s base training and for that I was going to need fuel.

But just as my place on the ‘squad’ was confirmed, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and so immediately that was two weeks of total rest – not a protein shake, recovery drink or supplement in sight.  That said, one thing I did do straight away was buy some colostrum from SiS.  I’ve used it before when returning from illness and hoped it would speed my recovery this time as well.

It seems to have worked (although to be frank, it ain’t the nicest tasting stuff!) and I’m now back in light training.  Although the sessions I’m doing are shorter and less intense than I’d normally be doing at this time of year, given I am recovering still, I’ve allowed myself to start using the SiS REGO Rapid Recovery products and so far the impressions are very good.  The taste is up there with any other recovery shakes I’ve tried (especially the Strawberry!) and I certainly don’t seem to be lacking energy for my next session.

I’ve also begun using the gels provided on some of my longer runs and bikes.  The good news for me is that the gels go down pretty easily on the run and don’t cause me any stomach issues (the same cannot be said for rival brands, which often result in severe stomach cramps when consumed during the run).  The taste of the Lemon ‘Go +L-Carnitine’ gels (the L-Carnitine is promoted as a training gel as it is designed to help the body burn fat in preference to glycogen) is pretty sharp, but not unpleasant.  I’ve taken it on the run without water and getting it down isn’t a problem (the gel is quite thin) without needing extra water.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try the GO +Nitrates gels yet, as these are really designed to help you build up to a race (pre-loading the system with nitrates ahead of a big race helps endurance and fights the effects of lactic build up).  Rest assured, when I am back to fighting fit, they will feature in my next pre-race build up.

For now, I’m concentrating on continuing my recovery, building up my mileage and getting the body firing on all cylinders again.  So far, I have to say the SiS products have played their part well in helping this process and I shall be continuing to use them both for in-training fuel and recovery.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch-up with the folks at SiS in the next week or two and we can map out my nutrition needs for the next month or two.  I look forward to updating you all soon! 

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