Monday, January 27, 2020

Musings and ramblings on a month of not training (or three feeble excuses for being a lard-arse)

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As I sit and write this, I am in a rather nice hotel room overlooking the Las Vegas strip, with clear blue skies outside and a temperature of 86 degrees F. My experience of Vegas thus far can best be summed up as 'surreal', but I only arrived last night so maybe it will all make more sense when I'm less jet-lagged...

It looks really inviting to go out there and do a run - except for I'm told there is nowhere to run outside in Vegas, and I need to go to a work meeting in a few minutes.  Which kind of sums up the last four weeks really!

In the last month since getting home from the world champs in China, it seems three things have been consipring against me getting back into training.

First, work.  I'm really enjoying my new position but the last few weeks have been manic with travel as I've been representing the company at conferences in London, Barcelona and now Las Vegas.  If that sounds glamorous, believe me it's not!  Yes, the hotels are swanky (sometimes) but I could happily do without the back-of-the-bus flights, over-rich hotel food and lack of time to train!

Second, my chest 'infection'.  I hesitate to call it an infection because in truth no-one seems to know what it is yet.  I've had blood tests (all negative), taken a course of Augmentin antibiotics (described as a 'sledgehammer' of a drug!) and yet still I have a horrible tightness in my chest that just won't go away.  For the first couple of weeks after Beijing (where the illness started), I couldn't seem to even look at a pair of running shoes without my HR going anaerobic.  While things have settled a little, my HR is definitely still too high for given pace on the run or bike. 

My plan is to try to get referred to a chest specialist, as I know I'm not 'right', but all the tests done so far (including lung capacity, peak flow etc) all point to nothing being wrong.

And third, I'm about to be homeless!  My landlord decided to serve notice on me while I was in China, and work trips since have meant I've had virtually no time for house hunting.  The 10 properties I have enquired about have ALL gone before I could even say 'yes please'. 

So that's a long-winded way of saying that I'm really not training as I'd like to be at the moment.  On the plus side, if there was a time of the year to be off training, then it's now.  But cabin fever is beginning to set in and I am longing to get back 'on it'.

As things stand, I think I'm resolved to just do what I can in October, with a mental note to really re-start my structured training on the 1st November. Hopefully that gives me time to properly get my chest sorted, settle down the business travel and hopefully make some progress towards finding a new home!


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