Monday, January 20, 2020

Just a quick update

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It has been a while since my last update, on something of a high after setting a new PB at the Salisbury 10-mile run race in early March. Since then both quite a lot and not very much(!) has happened.

On a less positive note, last week I went over on my ankle just 2km into what was intended to be a hard run. I went down heavily (still unsure exactly how it happened) and within a minute my left ankle had ballooned to literally twice its normal size. The next day it was still massive and the bruising was coming along nicely. A quick trip to the physio confirmed I’d done a good job on it and was ordered to not even think about running for a week. Bugger.

With less than seven weeks to go till Mallorca 70.3, I really didn’t need this. But then if I’m honest, I’ve been feeling like I needed a little break from intense training for a week or two. So the enforced rest perhaps came at a good time. Thankfully, the ankle hasn’t stopped me cycling or swimming – although obviously I need to be a little careful. Being a 110% Playmaker has come in handy as my Flat Out compression socks and ice packs have been very useful.

That has allowed me to properly start getting to grips with the newly-acquired Wattbike. I finally got round to conducting a 20-minute TT test to try to calculate my FTP (Functional Threshold Power) which should hopefully help me adopt a more structured approach to my Wattbike training from now on (289 Watts, in case you’re wondering – was hoping to break 300 but at least I have a benchmark). The good news is that I don't appear to have lost too much power over winter, despite the strong shift in my training focus from bike to run. And now I can focus on building the Watts back up.

Conversely, while the ankle doesn’t hurt too much on the bike (I also did an 85km ride on Sunday with no real issues) it’s surprising how much it affects swimming. I definitely need to keep up my flexibility and stretching exercises to ensure the ankle doesn’t remain stiff and restricted as it heals.

I did a quick run test on the ankle yesterday (Wednesday, eight days after the incident) and while it’s a little achy today, I was able to get up to ‘tempo’ pace on the run without pain. Hopefully the week off has had the desired effect and I can now start to re-build my run training ahead of the race in just six weeks’ time (gulp!).

I’ve been glad to continue my relationship with Science in Sport (SiS) and have been trying some new products this month. There are several new flavours of SiS GO Isotonic gels; I used the apple flavour at Salisbury and it was pretty good. No problems taking it while at speed and no tummy issues. The apple taste was a pleasant change from the usual citrus type flavours you get. I’ve also started using the REGO Night recovery shakes after late-evening Wattbike sessions, as it both helps muscle recovery and stops me binging on carbs too late at night! During the Wattbike sessions (up to 90 minutes steady) and swims I use the GO Hydro no-calorie drink tablets (the new Pineapple & Mango is quite nice!).

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