Friday, January 24, 2020

Foot update

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So, if you read my race report on Dambuster at the weekend, you might remember me lambasting my rack neighbour for dumping his wetsuit on my run kit, soaking my shoes and causing me to burst a blister on my left foot.   Well, turns out it might not have been entirely his fault - although he's still an idiot for dumping his wetsuit on top of my kit!

Closer examination of the wound as it heals shows that, rather than being a blister, it was actually a cut to the sole of my left foot.  Further investigation reveals that this actually happened sometime before leaving T1.  How did I figure this out? There's blood on the insole of both my run shoes and  my bike shoes, 'nuff said.

It's fair to say I have absolutely no recollection of any foot pain prior to about 6km into the run, so I guess that shows just what adrenalin can do to mask pain during a race! I am guessing that the most likely place I picked up the injury was at the swim exit, but it could have been any time.

The bad news is (or is it that bad?!) that the wound has been sore enough to stop me running for the best part of a week now.  I've also avoided swimming so that the wound gets a chance to dry out and heal, rather than getting weak in less-than-perfectly-clean water.  I'll try a little run tomorrow and see how it fares.  I've got a nice tight calf on the left now where I've been avoiding putting weight on the ball of my left foot all week... :-S

Still, it's been nice to mix up the training a little and hit the gym for a change.  I'd forgotten what the DOMS post a heavy weights session felt like!

Anyway, fingers crossed the test run goes OK tomorrow and then I'll be back to an aggressive running plan next week - gotta find that raw speed for Beijing!

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