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Bunch riding tips for triathletes

Roadies take pleasure in criticising us triathletes for our poor bike handling and inability to ride in tightly-packed bunches.  What makes it worse is that they’re often right – we typically spend most of our time training alone and often aren’t accustomed to the skills and etiquette or riding in groups.

So, to avoid you standing out like a sore thumb the next time you ride with a bunch of roadies, here are some key tips to fitting in and being safe in a group.

Advice for the travelling amateur triathlete

If there's one luxury I don't enjoy when it comes to triathlon it's consistency. Or rather, if there's one thing about my triathlon training, it's that it's consistently inconsistent!

That's certainly not by choice, but like most amateurs, the only way I can afford the bikes, new swim goggles and race entry fees(!) is by actually working for a living (I'm certainly not part of that growing clique of "elite amateurs" that seem to train full time and spend their entire lives on warm weather training camps while still affording all the latest kit!). In my case, having a day job means running global marketing for a fast-growing software company based in Sweden and with offices all over the world. Hardly even a "day job" when you have colleagues wanting your attention at all hours of the day. And that means most weeks you'll find me on a plane or visiting one of our many offices. If it sounds glamorous, trust me it isn't!

Race Day Checklist

So you’ve entered your first triathlon (or maybe it’s not your first, hopefully the information below will still be useful!), got your competitor pack and it’s time to get ready to race. But what needs to be in your kit bag for race day?

Below is a breakdown of everything you might need to take with you to your race. In this example, I’ve tried to include everything you’d need for a full-blown Ironman triathlon (I haven’t gone into nutrition specifics, that needs to be the individual’s choice). If you’re racing a sprint or short-course triathlon, it’s quite possible you won’t need everything, but better to ignore certain things you don’t need than to forget the ones you do!

So you want to get sponsored?

As someone who rarely wins races outright, yet also is fortunate enough to enjoy a number of beneficial sponsorship ‘deals’, I often get asked what the secret is to becoming a sponsored athlete.  There’s no short answer – and probably no one right answer, either – but I thought it might be helpful to write down some thoughts designed to help anyone looking for sponsorship to assist them in competing (in sport of any kind, it doesn’t have to be triathlon).

In the ‘real-world’ – the world outside of the one where I pretend I'm an elite athlete giving the Brownlees a run for their money – I run marketing for a growing software company; so I am perhaps fortunate to understand the sponsor/sponsored relationship from both sides.

The following thoughts are purely my own and no doubt there are plenty of other opinions out there. But hopefully what you read below will help you find and secure the sponsorship you are looking for.

Getting started in triathlon – stop making excuses and get started!

This summer’s London Olympics has certainly raised the profile of triathlon to new levels, both in the UK and beyond.  In fact, according to the British Triathlon Federation (BTF), some 4.7 million UK viewers tuned in to watch the Brownlee brothers (Alastair and Jonny) take Gold and Bronze in the men’s race – not to mention the hundreds of thousands that lined the race course or congregated at the open air sites to watch the racing on huge screens.

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